Technical information

  • Lift
  • IT Cabling / 5th Category
  • Fire detection
  • Double glazing
  • Optical fiber
  • Kitchenette
  • Integrated lighting
  • Restrooms
  • External sun blinds
  • Carpet
  • Central gas heating
  • Air conditioning via cooled ceiling
  • Floor boxes

Ventilation: Mechanical Pulsion, pretreatment of the fresh air (hot, cold, humidity) in the air handling units, floor vents by instinct in offices, picked up by the ceiling vents in the hallways, mechanical air extraction.


Heating: two gas boilers with a thermal output of 500 kilowatts in total, for space heating (for fan convectors and radiators down along the windows) and for heating hot battery vent groups, mechanical air extraction.


Cooling: two cold production groups with a unit capacity of 440 kilowatts; feeding chilled water network for air conditioning in all offices and training rooms for chilled ceilings and ventilation; air conditioning all offices, rooms, lobby and cafeteria.


Moistening: The humidification of the treated air is maintained by injecting steam into the duct system of each of the three fan units. Steam is produced by three independent humidifiers.


Emergency power:
– 1 diesel generator with an electrical output of 660 kVA.
– No-break (UPS) 200 kVA.


ECS: Production of decentralized hot water by 24 electrical boilers of 10 and 30 liters for toilets.


Structure: Frame in reinforced concrete (columns, beams, walls, floors); aluminum facades frame members and double glazing, stone cladding of granite, roof terrace.


Finishings: Carpets (offices and circulation); granite stone (lobby and traffic in front of the elevators and stairwells) plaster and wooden plates partitions; false ceilings metal panels; fire doors and fire-smoke, partially linked to the fire detection.


Technical equipment:
– Levels of parking lots equipped with a sprinkler system;
– Building equipped with a fire detection system;
– Conditioned building;
– Six lifts and one freight elevator;
– Two cold groups (NH3) outside in technical shed;
– Low and high voltage;
– Compartmentalization per floor;
– Boiler: gas system, several boilers.


Comments: Emergency staircase in reinforced concrete, fire doors.